Farmers appreciate the Shelterall because it is an economical, flexible and easy to install solution, adapted to wind and snow conditions of each location. Multiple applications cover many agricultural needs : feed storage, cattle livestock tunnel, sheep shelter, wood chips storage, agricultural machinery hangar, shelter for big-bags. The Extra Large models 15,80 and 25 m wide offer new opportunities and are adapted to the increase in farm size : stabling for large herds, hangar for big agricultural machinery, flat cereal storage, horse riding schools.

Livestock breeding

Choose an intelligent livestock breeding

Shelterall® and its ventilation and isolation options conform to any type of breeding and respect the animal comfort.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacture and sale of breeding tunnels, we are highly and fully qualified to offer you the best solution for your business.

Agriculture material

Protect your material at a convenient price

Shelterall® will extend the service life of your material by protecting it from severe weather conditions.

Several gable and door options guarantee your material a safe shelter.

Hay and straw storage

Store hay and straw at a convenient price

The Shelterall® assortment offers ridge heights of 2,24 m to 6,70 m, which makes it perfectly suited for hay and straw storage. Whether large farm with telescopic handler or small enterprise with little use of machinery, everybody will find what they are looking for. The tunnel effect ensures good and efficient ventilation for the hay.

Farmers who previously used to work with simple, wind sensitive film coverings can finally enjoy the user-friendly Shelterall®.

Without foundation Shelterall® can be mounted both on a field and in farmyards. The variety of our options accommodates your needs optimally.

Wood storage

Shelter and dry your wood at a convenient price

Shelterall® is equally of great use for the shelter of wood and machines. The tunnel shape guarantees an efficient aeration, which will allow the wood to dry and will avoid water condensation by means of an efficient inside insulation, also in case of a ground montage.

Also forestry companies have chosen Shelterall® for the montage without foundation. Another possibility is to mount Shelterall® on concrete walls to shelter coarse material like grain, recycling material, etc. 

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