Double Membrane

MSE’s Double Membranes give you the opportunity to store more gas in your plant(s). This way, you are always in control of how much gas you want to take out. Especially in combination with our Biogas Domes (gas storage - see flyer), our Double membranes could be very interesting for you!


Included components:

-   Quality membranes: inner membrane

-   Quality membranes: outer membrane

-   Quality membranes: clamping profile set

-   Support construction: column

-   Support construction: crown ring

-   Support construction: belts

-   Over-/underpressure valve

-   Ventilator system



-   Gas Volume Measurement Systems

-   Desulfurization net

-   Rainskirt


Benefits for you

Our Double Membranes can be used for anaerobic digestion installations in the agricultural market as well as for industrial wastewater treatment plants. We always deliver a complete, safe and high quality product. Our Double Membranes are 100% frequency welded and available up to a diameter of 40 meter. Our experienced and skilled installation and service crew will install the products competently. This means during the entire process you have nothing to worry about!


Technical specifications

-   100% High-frequency welded membranes

-   Available up to a diameter of 40 meters

-   Operating pressure up to 20 mBar

-   Lowest possible gas permeability

-   Statical calculation applied to complete installation

Floating Cover

Dutch Cover Solutions B.V. offers a sustainable, cost-effective and worry-free system, that can

ensure you an oder-free zone. The cover is easy to install and has already proven its worth for



Building kit for self-installation

Prefabricated parts for floating cover made of high quality materials.

- High mechanical resistance due to reinforced foil (TenCate Nicolon® Flex800).

- High chemical resistance due to PP raw material.

- No aging process due to highly weatherresistant raw materials.

- Sustainable materials used.

- Prefabricated cover for your own installation.

Complete with

- Floaters

- Degassing pipe

- Hooks for fastening

- 10 years warranty on TenCate Nicolon® Foil

- Ventilation

- Belts for fastening

- Mixed gaps

Technical details

- The cover is prefabricated from 800 gr / m2 HSPO foil.

- Dibt approved and KIWA tested.

- The cover is mounted around Ø 160 mm of fuel tubes.

- Underneath the cover, floaters with pipes are mounted for degassing.

- All materials have already been evaluated for decades.

- Depending on the size of the silo, all components are delivered on 2 or 3 pallets onsite.

- You can easily follow the instructions for mounting and installation.

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